Reviews of The President’s Salmon

The President’s Salmon was released last July, but the first reviews in print are appearing now. The first was in January, by Linda Beyus for The Working Waterfront:

“This is an ambitious and well-researched book on the struggles of Salmo salar to survive decades of a roller coaster ride on one river. It is the story of a tug-of-war of paper mills, hydropower companies and state agencies against fishermen, environmental advocates and scientists…Schmitt has an ability and agility to move easily from natural history and science to environmental politics.”  Beyus also enjoyed the “often-droll” stories of Presidential fish-eating habits.

In February, I spent a few hours on the icy shoreline next to the Penobscot Salmon Club with John Holyoke and Gabor Degre of the Bangor Daily News. 

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