Why we love the ocean


The sand, smoothed by the tide, glitters with flecks of mica and quartz. The beach ends at an outcropping of rocks draped with seaweed and rough with barnacles. Tidal pools of seawater glisten with life: rusty splotches and pink-crusted algae, leaves of sea lettuce, baby fishes hiding in miniature caves. Beyond, the Atlantic Ocean roars.

Spending time near the water is good for our mental and physical health. For many years now, and lately more frequently, scientists from an array of disciplines have studied the effect of environment on our brains and bodies. I’ve read too many studies to list them individually, but the consensus is robust. In the presence of nature, stress and anxiety quickly ebb. The body heals. Mood lifts. Thoughts clarify. Memory sharpens. Attention focuses. The mind expands…

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